From wood waste to value-added

What do you normally do with extra wood? If you burn it or send it to a landfill, you need to know that there are more eco-friendly options to deal with it! EcoBois produces a range of eco-friendly products: pallets, wood pellets for heating, mulch and composting material. All are made from recovered wood waste. Eco-Bois products is a smarter way to go green!


Green logistics: A possible future!

International trade requires logistics. It's easy to forget that pallets are an integral part of these logistics. 5 million pallets are manufactured every day. 95% of them are manufactured from harvested trees – the lungs of our planet. EcoBois -which produces pallets from waste wood and are entirely recyclable- is a smarter way to go green !

“Together We Can Make a Difference”

ECO-BOIS and Local NGO’s are working together to find proactive green solutions to the crises we are facing. Climate crisis is real ! we are facing this problem toghether and we should act as one toghtehr to ensure a more secure future, not only for our countries but for the entire planet that we share..

For a more Sustainable Future

ECO-BOIS make use of waste wood from forest and industrial sites and, using patented technology produces pallets.They serve the needs of the global economy and do not have a deterimental effect on the environment because of their biodegrability.

Our Product Features

ECO-BOIS specialises in the manfacture,design and export of molded wood products using an environmentally responsible system.


ECO-BOIS pallets are inexpensive when compared to standard wood pallets.


ECO-BOIS pallets have neither nails nor screws.This increases work-place safety.

Ease Of Use

ECO-BOIS pallets are lightweight, making them easy to handle.

Green Logistics

Logistic is tricky business and the need for reductions in the carbon footprint incurred during .


ECO-BOIS appalets are one of the most proven and least expensive forms of advertising.


ECO-BOIS will give forest-dependant communities,the opportunity to earn a living.



Ecomondo, International Trade Fair for Material & Energy recovery and sustainable development, is a reference event for those who see in sustainable industry the future of their business. More than 250 buyers from Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean area, Africa and Brazil, will meet to expand their business contacts and conclude negotiations on the purchase of equipment for the collection, treatment and recycling of materials. The most awaited key feature will be the participation of many German buyers, specialized in the field of recycling. On display: construction equipment, inert recycling, shredding and decommissioning, all presented in the new DEMO area, where it will be possible to watch the machineries in action.


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