“Corporate Social Responsibility and Humanitarianism” Are the Step to the Right Direction!     


Socially responsible actions are a component part of ECO-BOIS philosophy and showcase our attitude towards the society and the environment.   We realise our endeavours from the field of social responsibility by supporting a broad range of activities and by assuming an active role in different campaigns. The most important aspect to emphasise are our humanitarian actions:


We promote more robust anti-corruption behavior


A growing number of companies across the world increasingly recognize that doing business with integrity is the only right way of doing business.


Meeting with the British Senior Cabinet Minister, Mr. Francis Maude earlier today. During the meeting, issues pertaining to transparency and eradication of corruption were discussed in detail.


Meeting with the International Group for Anti-Corruption Coordination (IGAC) to help companies develop their own approach to supply chain responsibility and to fight corruption, by developing and issuing a suite of publications, private sector rules, guidelines and other tools as guidance in this regard.

Corruption in the private sector takes many forms, among them bribery, undue influence, fraud, money laundering and collusion. Corruption distorts markets and has a negative impact on society as a whole, in both the developing and the developed world. Private sector corruption contributes to environmental damage, health and safety problems, economic instability and human rights violations by diverting scarce resources, both financial and human. Private sector corruption erodes confidence in public institutions and deprives citizens of capital needed for economic growth.


We empower youth and providing them with the opportunity to grow and succeed


By basing our operations in the Noth Ouest of Tunisia , we have given young people, rural women the opportunity to work, to earn a living, and to remain in their community. As well, I have begun since March 2012 a Youth Outreach program for students aged 15-18 in which in they discuss current issues affecting youth, develop solutions and improve their English skills – all at no cost to them.

Youth Work Field Education is part of my company’s mission statement.

“My expectations focus on sharing information and experiences. I’m building a strong network of people like myself in the private sector as well as NGOs and other associations working toward a common goal: empowering youth and providing them with the opportunity to grow and succeed in their own country. As well, our Youth Outreach program will focus on recycling and and adding value to disposable materials to help create a sustainable future for youth.” EYA ESSIF





We have been partners with some of the prominent names in technology business. The motives are primarily strategic, focusing on access to new domains and acquisition of new technologies & skills, which we offer as direct benefits to our clients. The success of our business relationship is borne out of sharing common strategic objectives, commitment to the venture and offering complementary contributions.

“A.T.I.D Co” is today one of the challenger Private Equity firms in Tunisia and in North Africa with over TND 50 million of investments under management across 02 Private Equity funds sponsored by prestigious Tunisian banks, DFIs, private and Islamic institutional investors.

“A.T.I.D Co” relies on a team of 9 highly qualified investment professionals with over then 125 years of cumulative Investment, Corporate Finance and Private Equity experience.

Grant Thornton is a leading business adviser that helps dynamic organisations to unlock their potential for growth. ECO-BOIS believe that Grant Thornton is an only organisation that can offer the powerful combination of true scale, excellent service and effective relationships to deliver added value to your business.

“Investing in the creative and innovative ideas of the next generation of Tunisians should yield the best risk adjusted returns”.

Florian Kole Associates is an esteemed partner of Ecobois, involved in the provision of business development and integrated advisory services ranging from feasibility assessments, business start up and linkage services, SME mentorship, market intelligence as well as trade and capital advisory for new and existing firms. In particular companies wishing to establish cross border trade within Africa or foreign firms seeking to trade or invest in Africa requiring market information or representation amid fears of perceived risks of doing business on the continent.


Environmental Responsibility

Social responsibility surely includes safeguarding the environment for our future generation. We can’t achieve this goal, if we continue the deforestation needed to produce these pallets, which are used once and then thrown away – burned or thrown in landfills.


Sustainable Development

Human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature, and specifically with forests, which are the lungs of our planet.


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